Drive new revenue streams with shoppable video

Vudoo's patent-pending technology provides audiences with a frictionless interactive and shopping experience. Publishers now have the ability to turn passive viewers into active buyers to create revenue growth whilst unlocking new commercial streams.

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Redefining the role of the publisher in the video market

Patent-pending eCommerce

Patent-pending eCommerce

Give audiences the ability to tap within video advertising straight to a 'one-click' purchases. Vudoo technology allows publishers to offer brands an opportunity to reach highly engaged users via shoppable video ads integrated within their media channels.

Seamless integration

Seamless integration

Vudoo's integration between the eCommerce vendor and the video platform mean that Vudoo videos simply display the client's eCommerce environment. Publishers can offer shoppable content for clients without the worry of dealing with the logistics of in-video purchases.

Personalize audience experience

Personalize audience experience

In a world where content is at your fingertips, publishers can offer compelling video experiences for their clients that get audience's clicking. Customizable interactions and shoppable content empower brands to build new experiences for those consuming news content.

A publisher's dilemma

Publishers are leaders at influencing high intent audiences to want brands and products, however the missing piece has always been transforming that intent to conversion.

Top funnel focused solutions

It's difficult to move users through the entire purchase funnel. Users currently have to be taken off a publisher's platform to complete transactions on external web pages.

Vanity metrics

Value for advertisers is no longer determined by basic metrics such as click-through and completed views.

Revenue growth

Losing advertising revenue by being unable to provide innovative customer solutions that are unique from competitors.

Audience disruption

Publishers are losing their audience due to ads, content and affiliate programs driving users away along with their valuable data.


rise in purchase intent

Shoppable Campaign Statistic (2 month campaign)


new advertiser revenue pipeline within 6 months

Publisher Revenue & Pipeline Uplift


additional revenue per booked campaign

Publisher Revenue & Pipeline Uplift

Hear from our clients

Scott Bowie, Marketing and Consumer Engagement Director

“We can see real-time what our consumers are engaging with and their progression along the funnel, providing us with a unique view of the full journey from top to bottom funnel. Overall engagement within the interactive video is currently sitting at three times the industry benchmark.”

Scott Bowie, Marketing and Consumer Engagement Director

Moët Hennessy Australia and New Zealand

Pippa Leary, Managing Director, Client Product

This gives us the unique ability to work with our clients through the entire purchase funnel from notice, to want and now to buy. We’ve partnered with Vudoo to build new interactive video technology that presents the customer with the opportunity to ‘buy now’ while in the video. For the consumer it allows them to act immediately on the desire to buy without leaving their chosen content, resulting in a unique shoppable video experience.

Pippa Leary, Managing Director, Client Product

News Corp Australia

Oliver Vickers-Price

"The interactive capability at Vudoo is actually the ability to transform the relationship with our on-network video audience, to turn the passive viewer into an active one: a way to earn that most valuable of metrics, attention. On our network it has been proven to be the biggest factor in improving outcomes for our clients, so consistent it is the foundation of our commercial narrative. Vudoo has paired their unrivalled capability with measurement that proves engagement and attention beyond any doubt."

Oliver Vickers-Price

General Manager Product & Partnerships, News Corp Australia

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