Finding the stars of tomorrow through the Australian Taxation Office's award-winning interactive video

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The Australian Taxation Office are proud of being consistently recognized as one of Australia's top graduate employers. They wanted to find a way to continue to showcase different areas of their graduate program to potential graduates, which includes dedicated training and development opportunities.

Adapting to changing times

The ATO's graduate program is all about delivering a unique and tailored learning experience for their graduates. They were searching for a way to replicate that experience within the recruitment process. The ATO saw Vudoo’s interactive video platform as a chance to give potential candidates an avenue to explore what their grad program had to offer in an innovative and exciting medium, helping setting themselves apart from other employers.

Showing off their grad program

Using Vudoo’s interactive branching feature, the ATO tailored information journeys for their prospective candidates, allowing them to embark on a self-guided journey in selecting an area of interest. Whether potential candidates were interested in I.T, Law or anything else, they were able to select interactions to find out more about different departments within the placement program.

The unique and creative use of interactivity also provided a more inclusive and compelling way to present their graduate program to a target audience who have grown up interacting with social content and online media. The video illustrates the different narratives that can be communicated, telling the stories of people from varying backgrounds. These multiple user journeys meant the content felt personalized, while also speaking to a larger audience than would be possible with linear video.



Over a 5 week campaign period.


interaction rate 27.3% interaction rate (% of viewers that interacted with the video)

Over a 5 week campaign period.


click throughs to application

Over a 5 week campaign period.

Award-winning results

Located on their dedicated graduate recruitment landing page, the ATO's video received over 11,800 unique views during their campaign period. 1 in 4 users who landed on their webpage clicked to play the video. The video also achieved an impressive 32.97% interaction rate (which measures the percentage of people that interact with a video after watching it) which drove significant engagement in applications, with 71 users clicking through to the application page.

These exceptionally high results, coupled with the creative use of interactivity, helped the ATO win an industry award for most innovative graduate communication, beating out other large, well-known finance and retail companies, as well as creative agencies . The success from this video also encouraged the ATO to reinvent their content approach, and they are now looking to incorporate interactive video into other major content and communications in other facets of their marketing activities.

You can view the ATO's interactive video here.