Interactive Video Marketing

Interactivity is the future of marketing, setting the scene for more memorable brand experiences.

Lead the way

Interactive video sits at the cutting edge of digital marketing. Video is highly memorable, with 80% of consumers able to recall video ads. Add interactions and the medium becomes even more effective.*
*Hubspot [details of survey] 80% of consumers remember a video ad they watched in the past. Vudoo Pin Testing Study, 2019: 47% are more engaged with a brand after watching interactive video.

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Give people memorable moments they’ll want to talk about. Interactive technology cuts through the digital noise and makes your marketing videos stand out from the crowd, increasing brand awareness and engaging the viewer.

Faster feedback

Even before someone has finished watching your video, Vudoo’s analytics can tell you what they like and what they think. Discover how your video content resonates with people and identify what will, and won’t, sell.

Create dialogue

Video has the power to involve people on an emotive level. Interactivity elevates the medium, setting your content apart from ordinary video. Create a two-way conversation that entertains and informs. Get people talking and engaging like never before.

See how we did this with Australian non-profit suicide prevention organisation R U OK?

Immerse viewers in your story

To get eyeballs on your brand, you need compelling content. Vudoo technology gets people watching and holds them for longer. Unleash the full potential in your campaigns with boosted response rates. Change behavior and turn viewers into buyers, more often.

The competitive edge

Stay ahead of the competition in the battle for customer data. Get to know your audience better with real time, reportable insights at every interaction. Understand the viewer experience and optimize your content.

Innovation has always been at the forefront of our brand, and we always look for ways to provide engaging content to our customers that showcase our latest range and outfitting options. Vudoo makes it easy.

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