Interactive Lead Generation Videos

Embed Vudoo technology into your videos with one click to better immerse people in your brand.

In-video CTAs

Brands are in a battle for diminishing attention spans. In-video calls-to-action prompt responses from a viewer-get them to sign up, start a trial or go to your store, all while the video plays.

Start a relationship

Interaction creates connections. Vudoo puts every viewer a click away from engaging with your brand. People react as they watch, generating leads in real time via data collection points.

Remove barriers

Vudoo video interactions place viewers a step closer to conversion. Direct, in-video purchase prompts let people engage directly with your brand, taking them from passive viewers to paid-up customers.

On-brand experiences

Vudoo puts you in complete control of your brand. Use our intuitive dashboard to customize your video interactions. Choose the type, style and brand color of your tags to elevate your content for seamless, on-brand interactions.

Measure engagement

Start measuring audience engagement as they watch. Learn how each viewer responds to your message and discover what products resonate with them, using real time, reportable data.

The Rabbitohs take pride in leading the way with new opportunities and innovative ways to provide our Members, and our Partners, fantastic experiences & services. Vudoo are helping us to engage our audience in exciting new ways and to provide great solutions for our sponsors at the same time.

Discover the magic

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