Interactive HR & Recruitment Videos

Immersive video gives you the edge in recruitment, on-boarding and internal communications.

Optimize recruitment

To entice talent, you need to stand out. Recruitment videos with interactive technology set your business apart from the rest, a key tool to make your role, and your company, more desirable.

Automated onboarding

Streamline first-day inductions. Get new starters up to speed on your teams, projects and processes via engaging, interactive video. Provide a personalized welcome and kick things off on the right note.

Reduce turnover

Holding on to great talent means knowing what makes people tick. Use interactive video to learn you about your teams. The growth of your people means the growth of your business.

Show, don't tell

Words alone can’t capture the culture of your company. Tell your story and sell your business using video content with Vudoo technology. Video interactions let potential recruits take a deeper dive into your business, generating reportable data for you.

Drive engagement

Video interactions turn passive viewers into active audiences. Prompting them to engage in real time, every interaction leaves a trail of data about each candidate and what resonates with them.

The Rabbitohs take pride in leading the way with new opportunities and innovative ways to provide our Members, and our Partners, fantastic experiences & services. Vudoo are helping us to engage our audience in exciting new ways and to provide great solutions for our sponsors at the same time.

Discover the magic

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