Interactive Community Engagement Videos

Brands today must do more than just sell. They need to build communities and create connections.

Connect with people

Video is a powerful tool for community engagement and making emotional connections. Employ interactions and targeted messaging to fully immerse people in your story. Hold their attention longer and engage with them more deeply.

Come together

Build and strengthen communities by fostering an enhanced sense of belonging. People connect through content and are more likely to recommend interactive videos*, helping to spread your message further and build a brand community.
*Vudoo Pin Testing Study, 2019: 48% would recommend an interactive video to others.

In for the long haul

Interactive videos command an attentive, active audience. The more someone becomes invested in your message, the more opportunity you have to form a genuine, long-term relationship.

Know your people

A strong community is built on a foundation of trust and understanding. Vudoo’s trackable interactions show you what makes people tick, generating data that tells the unique story of your community.

Working alongside Vudoo made creating this campaign a breeze. They were able to help us refine our vision for this training video, and the end product was an interactive video that allows us to educate about Manuka, and showcase the rich history behind Manukora.

Innovation has always been at the forefront of our brand, and we always look for ways to provide engaging content to our customers that showcase our latest range and outfitting options. Vudoo makes it easy.

The Rabbitohs take pride in leading the way with new opportunities and innovative ways to provide our Members, and our Partners, fantastic experiences & services. Vudoo are helping us to engage our audience in exciting new ways and to provide great solutions for our sponsors at the same time.

Creating this campaign designed to upskill our global retailers really demonstrated the power of interactive video. Vudoo were able to use my vision for the project and work with our team to create something that showcases the importance of our brand in a way that’s more engaging and interactive than traditional learning methods.

We have only scratched the surface with Vudoo. Originally we thought it could redefine our role. Now this is more like revolutionising it.

Discover the magic

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