Interactive Business and Corporate Videos

Create a dialogue with your audience that takes your corporate videos to the next level.

Start conversations

Open up your business to a new way of communicating. Use Vudoo technology to ask questions, prompt interaction and create a two-way exchange. Make passive viewers a thing of the past and gain insights like never before.

Get the message out

Engaging stakeholders with your business has never been easier. Whether you’re introducing new business initiatives, presenting the latest figures or driving change, Vudoo video distributes your message far and wide with one click.

Make it personal

Interactive technology gives each stakeholder a unique viewing experience, letting them choose when to take a deeper dive (and when not to). Every interaction, or lack of, gives you valuable data.

Say more

Corporate videos are the voice of your business and Vudoo technology lets you say more. Give your stakeholders a richer experience compared to traditional video by adding extra layers of information, all while tracking their reactions and instantly measuring engagement.

Do better

Vudoo interactive video generates real-time, measurable insights. Embedded data collection points tell you if your message is being heard, arming you with the information and tools to do business better.

Discover the magic

Want to give your video content a touch of Vudoo? Our team is here to help.

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