Getting Started with Vudoo

Ready to create an interactive video? Read on to find out how you can bring your next interactive project to life!

Create your video

When it comes to creating an interactive video, you have a couple of options:

Repurpose existing video content
The beauty of Vudoo’s platform is you can turn previously created video content into interactive videos with a few clicks. That way, you’re not having to start again from scratch!

Create videos that are purpose built for interactivity
To create the best interactive experience, build a video with interactivity in mind. Whether you’re using a production agency or producing your video in-house, think about how you’d incorporate features when you’re scripting and storyboarding your video, so you’re making the most of the interactive features!

Upload and add interactions

Upload your videos to Vudoo’s platform and add interactive features in minutes through drag-and-drop functionality. Add CTA labels, buttons, forms, polls or branching features. Want to educate your audience? Create pop-up overlays in Vudoo’s overlay editor to provide more information.


Make your video stand out! Tailor your interactions and overlays to create immersive, on-brand experiences within your content. Vudoo’s platform allows you to have complete control of the look and feel of each video interaction. Adjust icons, colours and fonts to ensure your video sits seamlessly within your library of content.

Publish and share

When your video’s done, it’s time to share it with your audience. Publish and share your videos to your chosen channels by copying and pasting the link, or using the automatically generated embed code. You can also email the interactive video to your colleagues to impress them!

Sit back and measure video performance

Check how your video’s going using the intuitive analytics dashboard. Get access to statistics like interaction rate, completion rate and view rate, as well as which interactions were most popular. Vudoo's detailed analytics give you a better insight into your audience’s behavior, rather than relying on vanity metrics like views, likes and shares.

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