Improve the efficiency of your internal communications

Retain your talent and make internal communications more engaging.

Automate employee onboarding

Personalise your new employee’s first day by creating a streamlined onboarding video. Efficiently welcome them to your team, your projects and your processes with interactive video content.

Reduce staff turnover

Keep talent within your business and reduce your staff turnover by understanding their personal needs. Get to know your employees through interactive communications and support their growth so that they can support your business.

Enhance corporate change

Discover the ability to roll out major corporate change through interactive content. Ensure your staff understand and receive adequate information to help make your business better. Connecting your business as a whole has never been easier.

How it works

1. Create your videos – Create and upload your videos to Vudoo’s creator’s platform.

2. Embed interactive points – Add clickable content and engaging touchpoints throughout your video.

3. Share with staff – Publish and share your video with internal staff and community.

4. Understand staff engagement – View instant data feedback and understand your staff better.

Create Efficient Internal Communications

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