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Vudoo's intuitive platform lets you put your video content at the cutting edge of technology.

User experience

Simple and intuitive, the Vudoo dashboard is straightforward. Just upload your video and follow the prompts to add interactive tags and in-video calls to action, each one customizable so your content stays on brand. No technical experience required. Anyone can click and create.


Easily share Vudoo videos to multiple channels. Automatically generate an embed link, send as email or publish directly to social media and CRM platforms. Our partner Salesforce lets you drive engagement via Marketing Cloud. The choice is yours.


Every video interaction generates measurable data for instant performance tracking. Measure views, retention and interaction on your Vudoo analytics dashboard. Gain actionable insights to optimize future content, hone your strategies and inform how (and where) to distribute content.


Our interactive video player is WCAG 2.1 AA certified, allowing your interactive videos to be understood by those that are hearing and vision impaired. You have access to automatic transcriptions, audio descriptions, support for screen readers, keyboard accessibility and accessible images, so you can connect with more of your audience than ever before.

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We protect your data via full encryption in transit and at rest, enforce two-factor authentication and data is stored at your business’ geolocation. Our host Amazon Web Services is the most flexible, secure cloud environment and we conduct rigorous security testing, vulnerability scanning and third party audits.


Innovation has always been at the forefront of our brand, and we always look for ways to provide engaging content to our customers that showcase our latest range and outfitting options. Vudoo makes it easy.

Creating this campaign designed to upskill our global retailers really demonstrated the power of interactive video. Vudoo were able to use my vision for the project and work with our team to create something that showcases the importance of our brand in a way that’s more engaging and interactive than traditional learning methods.

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