Add Interactive Hotspots to your Videos

Add interactive hotspots to your videos

Hotspots are a clickable object in a video, that allow you to customise what happens when a viewer clicks. They allow viewers to further explore or interact with the video. Just like links throughout a blog, interactive hotspots can change the way viewers use and engage your content. 

Creating interactive videos is still very innovative marketing effort, which also means business using interactive video content is still very new in the digital world. However, there’s no doubt that interactive content increases audiences attention more than traditional linear video. 

Some possible uses for interactive hotspots:

  • Additional facts (information) – add clickable links to specific areas of your video that open up additional information or facts. 
  • Call-to-actions – add clickable links to a contact form or embed a form directly into the video. 
  • Buy now – add clickable links to add a product to cart.
  • Skip to relevant content – create interactive links that bring the viewer to the relevant content they were looking for. This also allows you to create an interactive storyline that allows the viewer to choose their own adventure 

It's More Engaging

Vudoo’s interactive videos ensure your viewers are engaged with your material. You can personalise and tailor content for different audiences, generating leads and better-educating prospects. Interactive videos generally have higher engagement and return on investment because they are so unique. Interactive videos prompt viewers to choose what interests them, viewers can choose their own journey depending on the choices they previously made. Interactive video can get so tailored and personalised that it becomes engaging as everything the viewer picks is relevant to them.

It's More Memorable

Although interactive videos have become a well-established and widely accepted marketing tool, the fact is only a small portion of top brands are using them to engage consumers. Interactive videos are memorable with their novelty alone, imagine if you put a creative team behind them. Research has shown that even if viewers don’t interact with the video itself, they are still more memorable than traditional video advertising.

It’s Trackable

Video content is a widely embraced media form to use in marketing activities both organically and paid. Although video content overall performed a lot better than static content, for the longest time the only way marketers could track a video’s performance was through view rates. This became a problem as it was hard to prove the value of each video effort without the data to show a correlation between video activity and conversions. Vudoo’s interactive videos allow you to track metrics that provide more powerful insights into your audience engagement. Capture valuable data about people and what they’re interested in depending on their behaviour.

It Converts

As interactive videos are more engaging and more memorable they tend to also convert at a significantly higher rate than traditional video ads. With seamlessly incorporated conversion points throughout your video, viewers can continue viewing the video as well as take immediate action.

How it works

1. Create 
Add interactive points into your videos in minutes. No technical knowledge needed.

2. Customise
Tailor your interactivity to immerse viewers with an on-brand experience.

3. Share
Publish your video and share it across your owned or paid channels.

4. Measure
Get instant data feedback. Track and optimise your videos for better performance.

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