The growth of Black Friday and how to make the most of it

The Growth of Black Friday, and How to Make the Most of it

Black Friday is set to be one of the biggest retail sales events of 2020. Discover how to help your...

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The Best Types of Interactive Video

The 4 Best Types of Interactive Video

Interactive video has the power to transform passive video viewers into leads, customers and even brand loyalists. Discover the best...

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Using video for email marketing

How to Use Video Content to Transform Your Email Marketing

Video content can be the most valuable tool in your email marketing toolbox. But how can your business use it...

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How to use branching videos

Understanding branching videos and how to use them

There’s a good chance you’ve experienced branching or choose-your-own-adventure videos before… but how can businesses use them to create more...

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How to get video analytics

Are your video analytics missing the bigger picture?

The way we measure video performance has failed to keep up with our increasing reliance on data, but interactive video...

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The magic of vudoo now on salesforce

The magic of Vudoo on Salesforce

  The newly released Vudoo integration allows Salesforce customers to create and publish videos with market-leading interactive technology. Any video...

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Vudoo supports Reach Foundation

Encouraging youths to dream big

To quote Whitney, we believe that children are our future, and that’s why Vudoo’s support of The Reach Foundation is...

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Interactive video offers a way forward for retail

Interactive video offers a way forward for retail

  More than twenty years after online shopping started wending its way into our consciousness, the e-commerce experience hasn’t evolved...

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Bringing interactive video to Marketing Cloud

Salesforce x Vudoo: innovation bringing interactive video to Marketing Cloud

The world’s leading marketing software business has partnered with technology company, Vudoo, to deliver cutting edge interactive video to Salesforce...

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Supporting small business, one sip at a time

Lockdown is giving us a whole new appreciation for the cafés and venues that were a part of our daily...

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5 takeouts from the COVID crisis (so far)

It’s necessary to premise this story by acknowledging that the coronavirus pandemic has a long way to play out before...

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Matt from Vudoo

Who’s Who @ Vudoo: Meet Matt

Get to know the talented Vudoo crew! Meet Matt, our UX Designer WHO Matt Mastrocola, Vudoo Experience Designer MATT SAYS...

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Women of Vudoo

Vudoo Women

The women of Vudoo, Collingwood On International Women’s Day we paid tribute to the amazing women who help drive our...

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What is interactive video

What can interactive video do?

Interactivity sits at the leading edge of video technology Interactivity sits at the leading edge of video technology, but what...

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Keira Lewis from Vudoo

Who’s Who @ Vudoo: Meet Keira

Get to know the talented Vudoo crew! Meet Keira, our Customer Success guru. WHO Keira Lewis, Customer Success Manager KEIRA...

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Video interactivity drives favourability, memorability and brand sentiment

Industry research provides context into the continued rise and importance of video as a means of reaching consumers.  Analysis by...

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Usability standards have changed. It’s time for video content to evolve

The way video content is consumed has changed, but brands are slow to follow suit. As digital media sets new...

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Video is the Future of Marketing

Why video is the future of marketing

Even though the way marketers approach their craft will always evolve, there’s one thing we know for certain. Like virtually...

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The Incredible Power of Interactive Video

The power of interactive video is to engage viewers and change lives Interactive technology has the potential to transform the...

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How Interactive Video is Giving Customers a Voice

Brands that can successfully open up a dialogue with their customers will find themselves set for success. It used to...

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Our 2020 Vision

Undoubtedly, 2019 was a seminal year for Vudoo. Our client base grew, key partnerships were cemented and our platform was...

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Aleksandra Harsic from Vudoo

Vudoo Welcomes Aleksandra Harsic

We continue to build an outstanding team here at Vudoo, and are thrilled to welcome the latest addition to our...

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Vudoo Dinner 2019

What a night that was! We ate and drank in the company of like-minded professionals, entertained by the wonderfully engaging...

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Adobe Symposium

Adobe’s Symposium conference in Sydney is rapidly approaching (27-28th June), and we are delighted to announce that Vudoo is a...

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