Why customer sits at the heart of our business

Why customer success sits at the heart of our business

Vudoo is setting out to build a world-class customer success program. Our product lives or dies based on how easily...

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Women of Vudoo

Vudoo Women

The women of Vudoo, Collingwood On International Women's Day we paid tribute to the amazing women who help drive our...

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What is interactive video

What can interactive video do?

Interactivity sits at the leading edge of video technology Interactivity sits at the leading edge of video technology, but what...

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Keira Lewis from Vudoo

Who’s Who @ Vudoo: Meet Keira

Get to know the talented Vudoo crew! Meet Keira, our Customer Success guru. WHO Keira Lewis, Customer Success Manager KEIRA...

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Video interactivity drives favourability, memorability and brand sentiment

Industry research provides context into the continued rise and importance of video as a means of reaching consumers. Analysis by...

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Usability standards have changed. It’s time for video content to evolve

The way video content is consumed has changed, but brands are slow to follow suit. As digital media sets new...

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Video is the Future of Marketing

Why video is the future of marketing

Even though the way marketers approach their craft will always evolve, there's one thing we know for certain. Like virtually...

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The Incredible Power of Interactive Video

The power of interactive video is to engage viewers and change lives Interactive technology has the potential to transform the...

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How Interactive Video is Giving Customers a Voice

Brands that can successfully open up a dialogue with their customers will find themselves set for success by giving customers...

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Vudoo’s 2020 Vision

Undoubtedly, 2019 was a seminal year for Vudoo. Vudoo's 2020 will be even better. Our client base grew, key partnerships...

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Aleksandra Harsic from Vudoo

Vudoo Welcomes Aleksandra Harsic

We continue to build an outstanding team here at Vudoo, and are thrilled to welcome the latest addition to our...

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Vudoo Dinner 2019

What a night that was! We ate and drank in the company of like-minded professionals, entertained by the wonderfully engaging...

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